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Groove it

Groove it groove cleaner

Groove it groove cleaner

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Prepare to be amazed with the consistency and control that clean groove will give you. Using your existing golf clubs, Grooveit will give you the spin, trajectory, and consistency you're looking for.

  • Heavy-duty nylon bristles with a 3-year replacement warranty
  • The self-contained tube holds water or cleaning solution
  • Holds enough liquid to last multiple rounds and refills easily
  • The unique magnetic securing system allows secure attachment to the golf bag
  • The magnetic system also allows cord-free mobility to use away from the golf bag
  • High-quality magnets that will last the lifetime of the Grooveit Brush
  • Lightweight, yet extremely rugged and durable
  • Ensures maximum backspin, distance, and accuracy
  • Ergonomically designed pistol grip
  • Attaches to golf bag with high-quality mini-carabiner
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