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Tour Tee

Tour Tee Mini Pack

Tour Tee Mini Pack

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Lacking serious distance and control of your fairway woods and irons? Our Mini Pack is the problem solver you've been desperately searching for.


Designed for eco-friendly golfing, recylced plastics have been crafted for a sustainable and virtually unbreakable game. And with patented designs, you're getting instant bragging rights with unique tees that are built to last.


We're not finished. The Tour Tee Minis are specifically designed for a low spin launch to revive your distance and control. Small bumps on the top of the tee mean that even the most questionable of shots will be flying further and straighter than ever before - we've got your back.


Hold on, we're giving you  a groove cleaner and divot tool as well? You're damn right we are. Plus, our Tees are USGA and R&A conforming, so nobody can knock your shot again.


With superior quality, environmentally friendly construction and patented design, we're seeing a lot of reasons to say yes to the Tour Tee Mini Pack.


6 Tees | 1.75” MINI Tees

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