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Volle Origin Dozen Golf Balls

Volle Origin Dozen Golf Balls

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Designed for golfers seeking performance across all aspects of their game.


The long distance and low spin characteristics of the Origin will give you the extra distance you need on your drives, while the higher flight and higher spin on approach shots will give you confidence in your ability to get up and down from anywhere on the course.


Made with an ultra durable and soft cast urethane elastomer cover for increased spin and more control around the greens. The Origin also features a high energy solid core for added distance while the two high-flex casing layers add speed and reduce spin on long shots.

Data from machine testing results has proven the Origin matches and even outperforms a large number of its peers, offering a longer driving distance and lower long game spin, making it the perfect choice for serious golfers who want to hit the ball straight and far.

We've replaced the traditional numbering system with a coloured dot system. In every dozen, there will be three of each of the four colours - red, blue, yellow and green.


The Origin has been ruled to conform to the Rules of Golf making it approved for competition. 

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