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Wilson Duo Soft + Golf Balls

Wilson Duo Soft + Golf Balls

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If you are looking for a golf ball that offers soft feel, long distance, and low spin, you should try the Wilson Duo Soft + Golf Balls. These balls are designed with a compression rating of 35, which makes them the softest ball in golf. They also have a newly formulated core that delivers maximum energy return and high ball speed for the recreational player.

The Wilson Duo Soft + Golf Balls have a two-piece construction with an ionomer cover that provides durability and consistency. They also have a 302 dimple pattern that creates a high and stable ball flight. The balls have a lower spin throughout the bag, which means they fly straighter and longer with less effort.

The Wilson Duo Soft+ Golf Balls are the perfect choice for golfers who want to enjoy the game with a soft and forgiving ball that performs well in every aspect. They have a simple and elegant design that will appeal to any golfer.

The Wilson Duo Soft+ Golf Balls are the result of years of research and innovation by one of the most respected names in golf. They are designed to give you the confidence and comfort you need to play your best golf. Order yours today and experience the softest feel in golf.

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